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Susan L. Shirley
Susan L. Shirley - Jamaica
Rio Nuevo Battle Site, Rio Nuevo, St. Mary, Jamaica West Indies
Susan Lea Roberts
Michigan U.S.A.
Exhibitions, Paintings and Prints

by Susan L. Shirley
2000 - 2012 (most recent first)

• 1979: John Peartree Gallery, Kingston
• 1980: Tawas Artist, Tawas, Michigan
• 1981: Upstairs/Downstairs Gallery, Kingston
• 1982: Frame Centre Gallery, Kingston
• 1983: Round House Gallery, Montego Bay
• 1988: Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios
• 1987: Savacou Gallery, Toronto 
• 1988: Harmony Hall, Antigua 
• 1989: Frame Centre Gallery, Kingston
• 1991: Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios
• 1993: Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios
• 1994: Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios (w N. Harrack)
• 1997: Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios
• 2012: Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios, JA  

• 1980-2008: National Annual/Bi-Annual Exhib., Kgn
• 1981-1987: Annual Festival Exhibition, Kingston
• 1991: Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami
• 1992: Jamaica to Brooklyn, New York 
• 1992: National Gallery Art Fair and Auction, Kingston 
• 1999: Matalon Collection, National Gallery, Kingston
• 2007: Ten Artists – Still Life, Seaview Gallery, Kingston
• 2010: Haiti Relief - Art Auction, Nat'l Gallery, Kgn JA
• 1988-2011: Harmony Hall Annual Anniversary Exhibition

Harmony Hall 
Annual Anniversary 
Invitational Exhibition
​St. Mary, Jamaica
Speaker:  Hon. Glynn Manley
March 4 

by Susan L. Shirley
Harmony Hall 
St. Mary, Jamaica
Opening Remarks made by 
Aloun Assamba
Ja's High Commisioner
to England & British Isles
"Still Life w Star Fruit 1"
"Still Life w Lychee"
"Still Life 2 Star Fruit 2"
"Still Life w Sweet Sop"
"Still Life w Mango"
Glynn Manley, Susan Alexander, Susan, Peter 
Aloun Assamba (opening speaker) with Susan
November 2010
Harmony Hall Annual Anniversary (invitational) Exhibition
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Biennial National 
Invitational Exhibition

National Gallery
 Kingston Jamaica 

April 2010
Haiti Relief (group) Exhibition, Art Sale and Auction
National Gallery, Kingston JA
"Still Life with (Ma Lou) Yabba's"
"Still Life w Oranges & Lychees"

Susan Shirley was born in 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. She entered Michigan State University in 1968 and graduated in 1972, receiving degrees in Interior Design and Fine Art. While at university, she met and later married Gregory Shirley, a Jamaican graduate student who was just completing his MBA. Mrs. Shirley began her professional career as a commercial designer in Detroit, where she and her husband made their home for several years.

In 1975, shortly after the birth of their first child, Susan and her family moved to Jamaica where she began teaching art at Alpha Academy in Kingston. There she had the opportunity to meet several artists who encouraged her to exhibit her work. She did so in 1979 with her first exhibition hosted by Eugene Hyde at his John Pear Tree Gallery in Kingston. Since then she has had many one person exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Jamaica as well as in Toronto, Antigua, Miami and New York. Mrs. Shirley works primarily in water-colour and pen & ink with subject matter concentrating on Jamaican architecture, landscape, seascape and still-life.

Susan and her husband presently reside on the North Coast of Jamaica.  They have two grown children.  
            Read Aloun Assamba's Opening Remarks
"The Rio Nuevo Bay"
St. Mary JA
"Still Life with Vase"
"Still Life with Cat"
"View from Firefly"
St. Mary JA
"Still Life with Guavas"
"Still Life with Yabbas and Calabash"

The Art of Miniature
Group Exhibition
Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston JA
"Duncan's Bay"  5.5" x 3"
"Still Life with Butterfly"  5.5" x 3"
"Still Life with Guava"  5.5" x 3"
"Still Life from a Midden"  5.5" x 3"
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2000 - 2009
"Still Life with Guavas"
"Still Life with Cat"
The Paintings
Watercolour and Pen & Ink

1984 ...... 500 sets of one ...... St. George’s College, Kingston JA*  
1986 ...... 500 sets of one ...... Munro College, View from Top Field*
1990 ...... 500 sets of two ...... Sunlight and Gingerbread / Old Board House 
1992 ...... 250 sets of four ..... Lodge Symbols – Images used for Commemorative Postage Stamps*
1993 ...... 500 sets of four ..... Country House Series I 
1997 ...... 500 sets of four ..... Country House Series II 

Spanish Town Iron Bridge... Commissioned by Jamaica Institute of Engineers
1998 ...... 250 sets of one ...... Special Ltd Edition signed by Artist & Gov General Sir Howard Cooke*
1998 ...... 750 sets of one ...... Open (signed by Artist) Edition*

1998 ...... 5oo sets of one ....... View from Top Gate, Munro College*
1998 ...... 500 sets of one ...... View of Bottom Field, Munro College* 
2001 ...... open ...................... View from Munro College Chapel - Image donated to Munro College
2003 ..... 500 sets of three ... Jamaica Houses Series III
Susan & Kara
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