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Susan L. Shirley
Susan L. Shirley - Jamaica
Rio Nuevo Battle Site, Rio Nuevo, St. Mary, Jamaica West Indies
Susan Lea Roberts
Michigan U.S.A.
Exhibitions, Paintings & Prints 
by Susan L. Shirley

(shown in reverse chronological order)

& Museum Opening 

Rio Nuevo Battle Site
 Historical Park & Museum

St. Mary, Jamaica
Susan with
Jonathan Woodson
Spanish artifacts
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Bi-Annual National (invitational) Exhibition
National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
November 2007
Still Lifes by 10 Contemporary Artists
Group Exhibition
Wallace Campbell's Seaview Fine Arts Gallery
Kingston, Jamaica
Harmony Hall Annual Anniversary Exhibition
St. Mary, Jamaica

from left:

Arts, Jamaica Gleaner 2007-11-25
"Classy Exhibit"
Article by Gleaner Contributor 
Anthea McGibbon


        Susan Shirley's meticulously done pieces demonstrate her intimate affair with her tools.  Having a steady hand, she captures tonal value and texture excep-tionally well with he watercolours and pen & ink reflections.  

"Still Life with Bottles" literally sets her apart from the explorations of other artists as she demonstrates a deeper understanding  of watercolour and ink, even though her chosen colours are limited.
"While Rio Nuevo is best known as the site of one of the largest battles in Jamaican history it has seen almost continuous habitation for over a thousand years.

Rio Nuevo tells us about the many people who have made this island their home, including the Taino, the Spanish, the African and the British.

Our historical and archaeological work is ongoing..."       Rio Nuevo Battle Site Association

                                                                                                                         Susan L. Shirley
                                                                                                                         Curator (2002 - 2008)
                                                                                                                         Battle Site Historical Park

Rio Nuevo Battle Site
Historical Park & Museum
Spanish Map of Rio Nuevo Bay
Artist's Impression
of the Battle Site
Excerpt from Jamaica Gleaner review
Always difficult to get Colin 
to sign his work
we enticed him to our house 
to sign one of his fewGiclee's of 
"The Beautiful Caribbean"
Colin's original painting, 
"The Beautiful Caribbean"
was shown at Colin's memorial 
on loan from the NGJ
at left:

"Remembering a Friend"
a tribute to Colin
by Susan L. Shirley 2007
"Blue Arawak" by Colin Garland 1984
Collection - Susan & Greg Shirley

Exhibition of New Works
by Susan Shirley
Opening Speaker - Dr. Aggrey Irons
Harmony Hall, St. Mary

from left:
"Venus Comb" WC & Ink
AnnaB Proudlocke, Susan, Dr. Irons
"Fossil Shell" WC & Ink

 Colin Garland Memorial
and Exhibition
Seaview Fine Arts Gallery
Kingston, Jamaica
On Colin Garland's Memorial by Chester Francis-Jackson... 
Jamaica Gleaner Contributor
Excerpt...  (read the full article by clicking here)

        "There was a moment of meditation, led by the Rev. Michael Reckord; the Most Hon. Glynne Manley sang; his brother, Howard Garland, who flew in from Australia, Mrs. Margaret Reckord Bernal, Christiana Rosetti and Lloyd Reckord gave remembrances on behalf of the family; Cecil Cooper paid tribute in song and flautist Maggy Mangraviti did a solo rendition; Dr. David Boxer did a tribute to the artist; Professor the Hon. Rex Nettleford paid tribute to Garland's early contributions to the NDTC and theatre; noted lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson; Claudia Robinson; Evan Williams; Maxine Walters and Gene Pearson - all paid solo tributes in between flute introductions; and to cap it all the Jamaica Folk Singers led the audience in a fab finale, that began with Evening Time and included Wonderful World, Beautiful People; followed by Christopher Williams and Ralna Simmonds, performing The Prayer in words and sign language; closing with a selection of Colin Garland's favourite music, on tape, all adding to the beauty of the occasion."  "so beautiful was the entire affair, it is the new benchmark for final farewells.

        "And then there was the august body of distinguished personalities in attendance: long-time friend Lloyd Reckord; the Hon. Aaron and Marjorie Matalon jetted in from Florida for the occasion; Maurice and Valerie Facey; Joe Matalon and wife Bernadette McKinley Matalon were also there; as were Dr. John McHardy; Olive Senior; Greg and Susan Shirley; William Mahfood; Jennifer Lim; Cindy Breakspeare and daughter Lea Tavares-Finson; Barbara Alexander Forrester; Dr. Richard Gomes; Dr. Jonathan Greenland and wife, Dr. Rebecca Tortello Greenland; Beth Hyde McDonald; Sandra Lyn Shue; Pearle Chang; William and Rosemary Thwaites; Ellie Rickham; Eva Myers; Dennis and Ludo Rappaport; Annabella Proudlock; Christopher Gonzales; Seya Parboosingh; Judy-Ann MacMillan; Graham Davies; Sameer Tansley; Amy Laskin; Joanna Brasch; Zoda; Stafford Schliffer; Lisa Remeny; Carol Crichton; Gilou Bauer; Andrew Phillips; Johanna Thwaites; Kirk Nunes; Virginia Burke and her sister Inansi; Cliff Hughes; Taynia Nethersole; Elaine Oxamendi Vicet; Sachi Wagner, in from Florida; Mandie Pink; Jean Smith; Esmie Gordon; Myrna Lee Holmes; Barbara Richards, plus many others!"
"View from Munro College Chapel" 2001
Image donated to Munro College Old Boys Association
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"Top of Duke Street, Kingston" 2003
"Old Board House, St. Thomas" 2003
"Country House, St. Ann)

Harmony Hall Annual 
Anniversary Exhibition
St. Mary, Jamaica

from left:

"Still Life with Guava & Lychee"
"Still Life w (Ma Lou) Yabbas"

(Artist's names are listed in the article below)

Country Houses Series III 
Limited Edition Prints

from left:

What is a "Xerograph"?

 A Xerograph is a form of digital imaging that I have been experimenting with.  I begin with a modified photo-graphic image and then completely re-work it by computer.  It is similar to giclee in that it is applied to a canvas base.

2002 Lady in White
"Steve's River Maid"
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